Wardah Eye Shadow Trio G

I don't use an eye shadow for daily basis and i rarely use them when i go hang out either, but because i do love make up so i can't hold my self to collecting eye shadow *the affordable one especially*. I have really narrow area on my lid so i usually just put my eye shadow to line my bottom lashes, highlighting my brow bone and also my inner corner and it really works to make my eyes pop !

Today i wanna review an eye shadow from Wardah *Indonesian brand*, i just wanna tell you why i always use english *my poor english* in every post although i review an Indonesian brand or something like that, it just because i hate when i can't understand what people saying in their blog post when those people use their origin language whereas their blog looks so cute and interesting, so basic on my own experience i'll always use english for my future blog post so everyone in every country can understand what i'm saying, it's OK right ? now days who can't speak english ? ... :))

Stop for rambling, it's time for review !!

my wardah eye shadow is in shade G and it comes with brown gradation color

the packaging looks sleek but i guess it won't last longer, because i have a blush from pixy which has similar packaging like this and it's already broken

They are quite pigmented and Yes all of them are MATTE ! yahoo finally i found matte eye shadow in Indonesian brand, hahaha .. it's very hard to find a matte eye shadow in our local brand because most of them are shimmery

what i love :
• cheap, it's about $3.7
• have a lot of variation shades
• can find it easily
• matte
• sleek packaging

what i hate :
• the staying power is so-so
• the packaging is fragile

Hope you enjoy it, see you next time !


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